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rolling my lawn

I have a one acre yard which is mostly lawn. When I mow my kidneys rattle from the bumps and holes. I have a lawn roller that
attatches to my tractor , this has helped, but I would like to get some thoughts on hiring a small driveway roller to smooth my lawn, ie.. best time of year, will this damage my lawn?

A. Spruce
Re: rolling my lawn

Using a street compactor will only cause problems, as well as you probably won't get much beyond the driveway before you've buried it in the soft yard. Something this heavy will cause soil compaction which will kill vegetation and prevent future growth (until compaction has been remedied by tilling ). You'll likely damage irrigation systems as well.

Stick to using your lawn roller, that's what it's for. Use it when the ground has been softened by irrigation or rain.

Re: rolling my lawn

Are their other methods to reduce the bumps without a roller as mentioned in the post?

A. Spruce
Re: rolling my lawn

Aeration and rolling work the best. You can to some degree fill the low spots with compost. Scatter it on, rake it in, water. The grass will grow up through the compost in short order. This is also a good way to fertilize the lawn without the use of chemical fertilizers. Calculate using 1/2" to 1" of compost per application, and it will require several applications.

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