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Removing steam radiator system

My house was built in 1933 and was originally heated by a radiator system. The previous owners had a gas forced air system installed and the radiator system drained. It is presumed to still work but has not been used for at least 5 years. I have considered having the system removed to open a small amount of space on the main floor and even more space in the basement (as well as height). Is it worth removing? If so, how would I go about doing so?

Re: Removing steam radiator system

It's really up to you, to keep it or remove it.

If you remove it you'll have to deal with holes to fill and other issues revolving around your old system. On the other hand, you'll have the extra space.

Re: Removing steam radiator system

If you are going to remove it, get a good sawzall it will be a lot easier than trying to uncouple all the joints. Save all the pipe and take to a recycling center, scrap if fairly high right now. Be warned however, you may have to deal with asbestos and its mitigation which can be very expensive. That may be why the previous owner left it in place.


Re: Removing steam radiator system

I just removed my old steam system last year. Get a good dolly to move all those radiators, and if the boiler is still there you will have to break it down to get it out, mine weighed at least 700 lbs., just make sure there is no asbestos, if there is nothing on the boiler or piping you are good to go, I just undid all the casting ties and split each of the 5 sections apart,heep the iron pipe and the cast iron rads and boiler sections seperate, each is worth different amounts at the scrap yard. I got about $600 for all 7 rads,boiler and piping, also keep any copper ,brass,and wiring seperate they are worth signicantly more money. You will need some good sawzall blades to cut that iron pipe epecially the mains which are probably 2" or larger pipe. Take it slow and it won't be too bad, and yes patching the holes in the floor is a pain, I have red oak floors and had to replace a few boards around the holes and feet where they were rotted in some spots, but all in all it was not that bad. Good Luck!

Re: Removing steam radiator system

The pipe fittings on steam systems are cast iron. It is much easier to crack the fittings by hitting them on the boss of the fitting with a hammer. They break apart very easy. Just be sure to were safety glasses.


Re: Removing steam radiator system

Thank you for the replies. I appreciate the insight!

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