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Register blowers

I have two very cold rooms in my house. This winter I purchased register blowers and they brought the temperature in the rooms up to the same as the rest of the house. Does this mean that the problem is related to HVAC? The ducts in the open basement had lots of gaps which we sealed up, so it wouldn't surprise us if the rest of the ductwork was done just as slopily. I'm just not sure if it would be bad enough to create a 4-6'C difference in these rooms. I would love if the register blowers were an easy solution - however they are very noisy.
Is there anything I can try without opening the ceiling below the rooms to inspect the ductwork? If the only solution is to take the ceiling down, are there any quiet register blowers out there for at least a temporary fix?

Thank you!

Re: Register blowers

I would have the system checked by a hvac company. It may just need to be balanced by adjusting the dampeners or the blower may have multiple speeds that can be switch for better flow. There are in duct blowers that would be out of the room .


Timothy Miller
Re: Register blowers

In those cold rooms what is the way the air is returned to the furnace?

Re: Register blowers

Thank you for the suggestions.

The inline blowers would require us to open up the ceiling below and install access panels so we can clean the fans - from what I've read about them.

We did have a furnace repairman in to fix our furnace this spring and he took a quick look and there weren't any dampers that could be adjusted for the room.

We played around with blocking other registers in the house and it made a small difference.

There are cold air returns in both rooms.

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