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Reflective barrier?

Two questions:
1) I understand there is a reflective or radiant "barrier" type of product that is installed on the roof joists inside the attic. My house has a metal roof mounted on 2x2 consequently an air space exists between the roof deck and the metal roofing. I'm wondering if it would be worth while to install the reflective "barrier". I have a 12/12 pitch creating a large attic space. Is this worth the investment?

2) There is about 12" of blown-in insulation in the attic. I have had to work in the attic causing compression of the insulation. Also the house is 21 years old and the insulation has settled. The recomended R value for Ft Collins Co is 49. I'd rather add unfaced fiberglass batts instead of adding more blown-in insulation. Would this application be ok? Would there be any potential problems with moisture accumulation? How much should I add?

Re: Reflective barrier?

is you attic insulation currently fiberglass, rock wool, or cellulose?

Re: Reflective barrier?

the existing insulation is blown-in rock wool.

Timothy Miller
Re: Reflective barrier?

Howdy, what color is the metal roof? If a light color it is reflecting the sun shine. Is you attic properly vented? If its getting warm you might consider a solar or electric attic fan to be installed to push the hot air out. With the blown in insullation you have it would be a pain to install a reflective barrier and $$ a fan far less $ and mess..

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