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Rafter limits

What is the weight limit attic rafters can support before I have to worry about cracking the ceiling. I weigh 250lbs and I need to add insulation in my attic.

Thank you

Re: Rafter limits

It's unknown what size and types of rafters you have and the ceiling finish ... plaster or drywall.

If you have 2x4 rafters then there may be an issue of "bounce" that would occur while you are moving around up in the attic ... if the ceiling is plaster you may or may not be fixing cracks.

One thing you may consider regardless what size rafters you have is to lay down 2x8 or 2x6 planks spanning a few rafters for you to walk on. This will help displacing the weight over a number of rafters and it will help from accidentally putting your foot through the ceiling... then you'll be repairing more than cracks.:eek:


Re: Rafter limits


I have 2x6 rafters and paster finish over pasterboard.

A. Spruce
Re: Rafter limits

There's a religion joke in there somewhere, I can just feel it! :D

With 2x6 ceiling joists you won't have a problem with your weight or deflection. It would still be a good idea to use the "stickers" to distribute your weight, more because it will be easier to work form this "platform" surface than the 1-1/2" edge of a 2x6.

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