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Odor of chlorine high efficiency furnace

We installed a Lennox 100,000 btu 2 stage high efficiency gas furnace in our home about three years ago. When the furnace is exhausting outdoors we are able to detect the an odor that is very similar to chlorine. We have had the furnace checked for co and natural gas problems, nothing wrong. Also had the furnace serviced. I am an ex-smoker so the odor is not that strong for me. However, my wife is able to detect the odor when outdoors and the furnace is on. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Re: Odor of chlorine high efficiency furnace

Yes, there may be a slight garlic odor also. It is not starved for air as it is high efficiency and draws air from outside. We only notice the odor on the outside.

Re: Odor of chlorine high efficiency furnace

Sorry about the info. - Yes, we do have central air. However, we had that installed about two years ago, and the odor has been with us for about three. The furnace is about 15 ft from the laundry area and the intake air pipe is on the other side of the house from the dryer vent. We use fragrance free detergent and limit the amount of bleach (only when necessary) due to the fact a family member suffers migraines that may be triggered by odors.

It is a real dilemma. We are considering installing a new furnace that is not direct vent, and go back to the chimney.

We have had everything checked. Gas leak, CO levels, etc.

Re: Odor of chlorine high efficiency furnace

Since you had the furnace checked, you are probably just smelling the products of combustion & don't have a problem.
It would be possible to reroute the exhaust from where it presently is to somewhere else, even the roof.
Talk to your installer.

Re: Odor of chlorine high efficiency furnace

When they installed the furnace did they use the heat-exchanger flue pipe which draws air in around the exhaust? (A pipe in a pipe).This warms the air before it gets used for combustion which also helps with effeciency. The point is that the flue gasses disipate better if they are preheated. But if your smelling them outside and the smell is getting in then ed21 is dead on move the pipe.

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