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noise inside wall (baseboard heat)

when the heat kicks on i can hear strange sounds inside the wall in different rooms(been making noise for many yrs). i know the trick of lead/plastic strips on the contact points between the pipes and brackets but the noise is inside the wall , kinda like the heat is making the copper pipe expand and creak inside the holes in studs. 35 yr old house (3000sf) is a split level, prefab upper and stick built lower. the basement foundation has an 11" knee all around the lower level. basement is finished so it is hard to pinpoint the exact location behind the rock. it seems like there is more noise on the lower zone rather than the upper. i can hit the wall at the level of the baseboard and noise will stop for a few min but starts creaking again. any ideas on how it fix this without trashing all the walls. thx dave

Re: noise inside wall (baseboard heat)

Google "Noisy Hot Water Heating Pipes TOH Discussions" to get a comprehensive dialogue on this topic, which was posted in January by Nahid Reed.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors" or have your regular heating tech come over to look at the situation & see if he can devise any solutions.

The tech should 1st try adjusting the boiler water temp, higher to 200 degrees, & lower down to 160 degrees by adjusting the aquastat, to see if this simple technique can make a difference; also have him check the boiler circulator to see that it is not too large & perhaps reduce flow velocity (some circs have a lever to raise or lower flow velocity); have him remove all air by opening bleed valves at each room convector; if the previous methods don't work, there are expansion compensators by Flexicraft & Metroflex, among others that act as an "accordian" to dampen thermal heat expansion of the copper tubing; sometimes just adding a short length of PEX plastic tubing at various points in the supply/return lines can improve things.

Re: noise inside wall (baseboard heat)

thx for the quick response, ill look into the bellows or pex tip, it sounds like i got to open up walls to fix this or maybe i could do it at the baseboard itself. ill try it in on spot and see what it does. if i go with the pex should i put a loop in it or do u think just a chunk of hose will do it since i dont think the pipe is gonna grow over a 1/4 inch

Re: noise inside wall (baseboard heat)

Pex is a great option. If it's loosely secured every foot to every two feet or so, it can operate very well and nearly silently. However, If it's secured to the studs every five feet, for example, (most contractors install pex this way) it can create a greater deal of noise than your existing pipe by knocking back and forth a good deal. I also don't know exactly what you mean by a "chunk of hose." In a situation where boiler or domestic water is involved, it's not a great idea to attach garden hose as a length of pipe for baseboard boiler water. Do you mean pex or actual garden hose?

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