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No room for vent behind dryer.

I have a small predicament and was hoping someone may have some good advice.

I have just put my new dryer in the laundry room. When I put it in position, I ran into a problem with there not being much room for the dryer.

The width I am given is 5 feet. The dryer takes up 2'10" feet. This does not leave much room at all when I have to add the 4" vent duct on the back. The dryer vent in the wall is 4 feet high and the vent on the dryer is 4" high.

After all of the above confusing details, my question is the following. Are there any options for smaller duct (might be safety issue) or will my best option be to create another dryer vent hole in the wall at the same level as the dryer's vent?

Re: No room for vent behind dryer.

Move the vent pipe down. The more turns you have the greater the chance of a lint clog that may catch on fire.

Re: No room for vent behind dryer.

I have seen a dryer vent kit sold at most big box stores that is made especially for cramped situations. Instead of being 4" diameter tubing/flexible hose, it is made of 2" deep by 6" wide (I Think) metal. It still has the correct fittings for making a 4" diameter connection on the dryer and requires less space for the bend going from horizontal to vertical. Something worth considering.

Re: No room for vent behind dryer.

I appreciate all of your help. I looked into the 2x6 duct. I did find in, but it actually only saves to 1 inch. Therefore, I believe I will have to create a new hole in the wall for the dryer vent. All I will need to cut through is drywall and the brick wall to the outside. Thanks for all of your input.

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