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Need for humidifier

guys - we live in a 100 year 2000 sq foot old leaky home in a new york city borough. While it has 6-inch fiberglass insulation on the attic (average job and we may do blown-in insulation soon as well), the 10 year old windows are not tier 1 brands and along with the older doors, we've done the best with insulation and winterization but I would still call it leaky. The fixes for replacing the windows and doors are not worth the cost savings in heating bills so we'll do them but not in the near future. It has 1st floor, 2nd floor, crawl-space attic and finished basement but we only use it for storage right now. We have a force air heating/cooling non-efficient HVAC system in the basement & attic that does both heating (gas) and cooling. It's also connected to an aprilaire 2410 with merv 13 filter as I suffer from pollen allergies only in april/may. After installing the 2410, I did feel a change but not to the extent I would have liked and still sneeze. All interior and exterior walls are stucco and don't believe any walls have insulation and the exterior walls certainly feel cold to touch. We keep 1st floor at 67, 2nd floor at 63 all the time and in the coldest month of Feb, our heating bill is $450 (includes heating, hot water heater, gas stove, dishwasher, dryer, etc)

Here is the live reading for temperature/relative humidity - outdoor 37/50, 1st floor 67/29, 2nd floor 63/35. It feels ok but could be better. However in Feb when temperatures dip into the 20's for days at a stretch, our indoor humidity drops to 15-18 which gets quite uncomfortable and I notice I'm not breathing as well. Plus all the issues with dry nasal passages, etc

What would you suggest I do here which are practical, cost-effective fixes for our old home. If someone on these boards in the NYC area does residential work or can come by and at least give me some advice, I'm open to that as well


Re: Need for humidifier

interestingly last night while it was raining outdoor humidity was 92, indoor 1st and 2nd floor were 30 and 35 respectively

Re: Need for humidifier


Why do I need a humidifier?


Humidifiers increase the humidity level in dry indoor areas by dispersing a delicate, invisible mist into the space. 


Bloody noses

Cracked lips

Itchy skin

Irritated throats

Allergy symptoms

Asthma flare-ups


Dry air can also lead to a variety of ailments such as colds, sinus infections, congestion problems, aggravated respiratory passages, and more. In addition to protecting your health, humidifiers are a great way to protect your home's structural integrity and wood furnishings.


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