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mulch vs. carpenter ants

Does anyone out there have any good advice for flower bed mulch other than wood chips? We live in the country and have a big problem with carpenter ants. We have an exterminator come ever year and sometimes twice a year to address these nasty buggers. I stopped using wood chips as mulch because they were an open invitation to "come on down", so now I have bumper crops of weeds to contend with. I thought that shredded tires might work but we have a well just out side in our front yard and a stream in the back so I'm concerned about oil leeching. Thanks for any and all help


Re: mulch vs. carpenter ants

either pine straw or white gravel both are easy to come by found in most home centers or from most landscape companies, nurseries

Re: mulch vs. carpenter ants

you might try shedded oak bark mulch. It doesn't attract termites, so maybe ants won't like it.

Re: mulch vs. carpenter ants

It was recommended to us to use a rock or gravel "mulch" around the house.

Here is a link with information about carpenter ants.

Re: mulch vs. carpenter ants

I finally put down a biodegradable cloth to stop the weeds and I spray cement foundation once a month with (?) carpenter ant spray.
Also ensure that no mulch touches any of the wood on the house. And last but not least go to nearest pharmacy and get the biggest package of boric acid and put that around base of house (only good until a drenching rain supposedly but works for me).
By the way,all this was done after the human carpenters replaced sheathing and siding that the little beasties enjoyed so much.:eek:

Good luck

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