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MICE!! Sealing up the crawlspace

My husband and I have a 1906 Swiss-inspired 1 1/2 story home in Columbus, OH very close to a large river.  We have lived here >25yrs and have always had issues with mice moving in as the weather turns cold.  We have dogs that live in the house so our method of irradication has been glue traps.  No poison or snap traps around the children or pets.  Peeling a sticky trap off a paw isn't easy but it doesn't cause any permanent harm.  That being said, over that last 5 or 6 yrs the mouse problem has become absolutely insane.  They are coming in through the crawl space that is under the bathroom and kitchen, the remainder of the house has a full unfinished basement.  We have sealed up under the crawl space to help with heat loss and hopefully with the mouse intrusion but that does not seem to be doing enough.  The mice have actually eaten a hole into a solid oak base board in the bathroom and through the drywall in the kitchen to gain access into the house!

We can take it no longer!  We are working with a contractor to put cement backer board along the walls & floor joists of the rooms above in the crawl space.  In addition, we are working to seal any small cracks in the foundation block and will put 1/4" hardware cloth on the outside of the foundation.  My question pertains to the best way to hang or attach the hardware cloth on the foundation block which are a red ceramic/clay block that has a shine to the surface & are about the same size as the concrete builder blocks used today.   These red block are VERY hard and I'm not so sure we can just use a hammer drill and concrete screws - any suggestions?

Much thanks!

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