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Magic-Pak Air Filter replacement


I've moved into a new apartment and it has what I believe is an Magic-Pak OMCE4-09-121P-1A (that's the model number on the unit itself) system in place. I've managed to find the filter location - it wasn't marked on the unit itself - and the filter itself is very, very dirty. I don't believe it's ever been cleaned (if that's possible for the type of filter), or replaced.

This leads into the questions...

1. Is this a reusable / washable filter (if it's the original, which I believe it is - the apartment was completed in the last 18 months), and if so, how does one wash it?


2. If it is not a reusable / washable filter, what can I replace it with? The current filter seems to be frameless, so I'm unsure if I could use a framed filter.


Thanks in advance for any information or help you can provide

Re: Magic-Pak Air Filter replacement

I also have the same issue with a frameless reusable filter that I can’t seem to get clean. The hvac people said I could get a filter from the store but none of them seem to fit. Any suggestions for replacement? 

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