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Will Mahoney
High-Efficiency Heating Options...?

Hello all and thanks for checking out my question.

Can I reroute my heating duct work for more efficiency?B]

We've got a 1950's Ranch-style house in Cleveland, Oh. When we purchased the place, the home inspector said that the furnace is "at least 15 years old, maybe 20" but in good shape and working fine. It is a forced-air natural gas furnace that sits in the attic above our one-floor house.

Now, the design seems really inefficient to me and I want to ask some questions.

The Design:
The air is sucked up through a vent in our central hallway cieling, sucked/blown through the furnace in the attic, then sent back down through a central duct in the wall (behind a closet). This hot air duct goes straight down from the attic to the floor, where it splits and sends the air outward (under the floor) to the outter edges of the house, and up through vents in the floor.

My question:
Why does the nice, cozy hot air have to travel over this long distance of duct work before it is let out into the house?

The funace sits in the attic, located centrally in the house. Why can't the hot air leave the furnace and enter each room directly from the attic? The duct work would be no longer than 36" in most cases (which I could easily insulate), and the vents would drop really warm air directly into the room. I could even see using smallish, nozzle-shaped air vents to really blast the air into the room and get good mixture.

Does this make sense? What's to stop me from trying this? I could see spending less than $200 in materials to try this "experiment."

Re: High-Efficiency Heating Options...?

yes that can be done like that i am in the heating and air conditiong business and we do that all the time your local home depot or menards should have everything you need but might be more than $200

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