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Heating system

I am in the process of getting quotes for a heating system to install for a new L-shape ranch house. I want to put in radiant floor heating in my basement/ foundation and have regular baseboard hot water on the first floor. I have not received a quote yet but one plumber mention putting in a Prestige Excellence heating system. More specifically the PE 110 model which features a High Efficiency Condensing Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Gas Boiler with a built-in Tank-in-Tank" Indirect Fired Water Heater. My questions are: 1. What are your thoughts on the quality of this system or its reputation? 2. Will this system supply enough hot water for showers, laundry, and dishes without having to wait a significant amount of time to recover. 3. Will this system be large enough to heat roughly 2600 sq ft. ?

Re: Heating system


The Triangle Tube PE 110 Excellence "combo" boiler is an excellent unit--a class act.

Reading your post, I can't determine if the house has even been built yet---in any event, matching boiler to house is like a marriage---it has to be a good fit in several ways.

I always tell those in the market for a new boiler to GET AT LEAST 6 ESTIMATES from heating installers after consulting with neighbors, family, friends, work associates, and check the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors"---the estimates will vary widely in choice of equipment and price quotes---that's why you need 6 estimates-----the Pe 110 is a condensing boiler with 95% AFUE efficiency--which is good, but these relatively new boilers don't have a long track record & may not last as long as the traditional sturdier cast iron boilers with 87% AFUE efficiency, such as a 3-pass cast iron boiler by Buderus, Burnham, Crown, Dunkirk, Peerless, Utica, etc---condensing boilers seem to have a lot more glitches & need for periodic adjustments than cast iron boilers.

Boiler heat output is calculated in BTUs per hour--or how many heat BTUs are needed to keep the inside of the building warm---this in turn is based on many complex factors---the geographical location, the amount of exterior wall insulation, the materials used in construction, the total square footage, the amount of windows and sliding doors, etc.

The heating tech is required to do a HEAT LOSS CALCULATION (Manual J) that calculates all these factors---the Manual J would also be used as a guide as to how much PEX tubing and baseboard radiation is installed inside the building to equate the heat lost thru the exterior walls to the heat output of the boiler and its convectors.

One very rudimentary heat loss estimate is to assign a number of BTUs per square foot from between 25 and 70---with 40 being an average number for an insulated house located in a moderate climate.

Thus, a house of 2600 sq.ft. X 40 BTU/SQ.FT. = 104,000 btu/hour needed to heat the building---and 104,000 btu/hr would also be the required heat output of the new boiler---the Pe 110 with 99k output would fit the bill in this theoretical example.

There are many different boilers out there that can do the job---the Pe 110 is a variable condensing stainless steel unit that has a domestic hot water maker built inside---a "combo" boiler---I much prefer that a separate 40 gallon indirect hot water tank by Triangle Tube Phase 3 be used as a companion with perhaps a Triangle Tube Solo 110.---this would give you adequate domestic hot water reserve if there is the requirement for a lot of laundry washing, showers, etc.---the Excellence has only a 14 gallon DHW tank capacity & this may not be enough for your family's needs---calculate your "peak usage" at the site below---also check the "recovery rate" of the Excellence DHWH component to see if it will fit your family's needs---use the chart at the site below to calculate the "peak hourly hot water demand" for your family---this usually occurs during the morning rush hour.

Dealer cost for the Excellence is ~$3500 & $600 for the indirect water heater--figure at least $1000 for the install labor, $1000 for the PEX and fittings, for a base price of $6100 (very rough estimate).


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