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Furnance Filter

First time homeowner here. I'm having a heck of a time trying to find an air filter that fits my furnace. The previous owners had a filter in, but it turned out to be the wrong size (16x20x1). I measured the gap for the filter and it appears to be 1" thick, about 18.5" wide, and about 15.5" deep. In case this helps, the furnance is an Evcon model GF8100C16MU11A. Couldn't find anything on the net about this sucker. Does the filter have to be a snug fit, or can there be a little gap? And would it be a problem if the filter was too tall?



Re: Furnance Filter

Not really knowing the configuration of the filter in respect to the equipment, I don't know if 'too tall' would adversely affect it or not. I would venture to say you would be okay if it extended out of the duct somewhat. On the other hand, if the filter lets any air bypass, then you lose the benefit of the filter at least to that degree.

I would suggest having someone (professional) come in and in the course of servicing your equipment, have them fabricate and install an external filter rack that will accomodate a more common sized filter.

A snug fit would be preferable over gaps since the gaps can allow a certain amount of air to bypass the filter. I am not familiar with the brand of equipment you have, however, most all manufacturers anymore don't include filters with their equipment since many of them are used with filtration systems that reflect a greater concern with indoor air quality.

All the best, Irishmist

p.s. there are some filter medias that can be 'cut to fit' but usually these are at the bottom of the efficiency range.

Re: Furnance Filter

The filter should be a snug fit. If there is any significant gap the efficiency of the filter will plummet as the majority of the air will go through that gap.

Is there an obstruction or something that might be preventing the 16x20 filter from sliding in all the way?

Re: Furnance Filter

A 16x20 would be too wide on one end and too narrow on the other. I've found on Home Depot's site that an 18x18 filter exists, but it can only be ordered online. Is there anyone on the board in the Southeastern Michigan area that may know of places other than HD and Lowe's that might carry this filter?

Re: Furnance Filter

or you can do what we do. I have a couple of friends in the ac business and I have them buy a roll of high quality filter material and cut our own. its more economical in the long run and we get a better filter medium

Re: Furnance Filter

I picked up a furnace filter kit at the home center a few years ago. You buy a filter kit that is as big as or bigger than your filter. Then you cut the sides and inner pieces down to the exact size you need. The filter sides are plastic and it has plastic mesh over it to hold the filter media in place. Instead of replacing it you just wash it off. It was made by Honeywell although I bet other manufacturers make them, too.

Try searching on the web for “furnace filter” and also search for “reusable” or “washable”.

Re: Furnance Filter

You can get a custom made electrostatic filter made to any size . They last forever . Wash it out with a garden hose , let it dry and you'r good to go .

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