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DuPont Zodiac counter top

We had Lowe's remodel our kitchen 6 years ago and love it and they did good work. They contracted DuPont to installed DuPont's Zodiac counter tops. We now discovered a (new) chip in the DuPont Zodiac counter top on the front of the sink. It is very small but rough and could cause a scratch. I contacted DuPont and was told it was my fault and the warranty didn't cover it anyway. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there wasn't any. I asked for the guys last name and he refused to give it. I have no recourse that I know of, so I am just warning people to avoid DuPont Zodiac countertops until they get some kind of system for problems with their product. I am open to suggestions on how to deal with this problem:
My wife put a small drop of cooked pudding on the spot and it dried hard as concrete and is the same color as the countertop. So, I guess pudding is a good fix for DuPont's Zodiac countertop chips. Johnb38016

Re: DuPont Zodiac counter top

it's really unfortunate that Du Pont told you to take a hike. I'd try calling them again, maybe this time you'll get a nicer person, who will find a supervisor or a department manager. They are there.

But you know, most companies count down the days for warranties to expire. Once they expire, they owe the consumer nothing. And by giving the complaining consumer the run around, they kill time and hope that the warranty runs out.

I've seen Du Pont counter tops develop long cracks, even when correctly installed. But even if Du Pont honors a warranty, it would be for material only, not for labor.

Re: DuPont Zodiac counter top

See if you can get Lowe's to contact Dupont for you. They may have more pull than you or may know who exactly to get in contact with to take care of your problem.


Re: DuPont Zodiac counter top

Chips caused by physical damage are not a warrenty item. It needs to be repaired. See if they sell repair kits or sand out the roughness.

Re: DuPont Zodiac counter top

Thanks for the replies:
Lowes was the one who gave me DuPont's phone number when I told them about the chip, stating it was not their warranty.

My DuPont warranty was for ten years, so I have 4 years left.

I am afraid to start sanding it because it may cause more chips to fall out.

I guess for now I will try to find an epoxy that is a similar color.

Re: DuPont Zodiac counter top

If you are pursuing any warranty claim, you should do nothing until instructed to by the warrantor in writing as it will likely void the warranty. This applies to just about anything warrantied, where only authorized repairs made by authorized persons are allowed. You could claim ignorance about the 'pudding' repair as one expects pudding in a kitchen, but not sandpaper! I hope you get satisfactory results from DuPont- let us know here either way as many people read these forums and you may save someone else some grief if it does not go well.


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