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Dripping noise from heat vent

We have a central air conditioner. When we turn it on, you can hear what sounds like water dripping coming from the vents. When we turn the ac off, it slowing stops. I do not know what I should do or who to call?

Any advise ?

Thank you

Re: Dripping noise from heat vent

I don't know where your Air Handler is located or how your Ductwork is run, but it sounds like your Ductwork isn't insulated. If it isn't insulated the Cold supply air in the Ducts and the warm air that is in the room Ducts are in will cause condensation. You may be hearing the dripping from the Condensate, if this is the case the only thing you can do is get someone in there to insulate the Main trunk and your supply runs.

Re: Dripping noise from heat vent

Do you hear it from all the vents? Also, you should check your furnace when you hear the dripping. If there's water dripping from the actual furnace, you may have a freezing evaporator coil.

Re: Dripping noise from heat vent

If the coil is freezing due to low charge or an air flow issue it will drip more as it thaws after being shut down, not less as the original poster states

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