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Corrugated Cardboard..asbestos?

Our 1936 home is insulated with a corrugated foil faced cardboard. For the most part I plan on leaving most of it alone, but in the attached garage, sheets of this cardboard have always been on the brink of falling off. I plan of tearing it all down and putting up foil faced foam board. I've done a few internet searches and came up with nothing, but has anyone heard of this old cardboard containing asbestos? It looks like brown ordinary cardboard, but just wanted more opinions.

MLB Construction
Re: Corrugated Cardboard..asbestos?

it's entirely possible that it does contain asbestos but the only way to know for sure is to have it tested.

Timothy Miller
Re: Corrugated Cardboard..asbestos?

sounds like, looks like might be- so get it tested and then depending where your at you might have to have it re mitigated and thats $$$$. But since the asbestos fibers are so light they float almost for ever tear it all down an do not wear a mask and do not isolate the garage from the house and do not create a negative air pressure - not hardly- start with a test an then find out what to do to avoid a hornets nest of issues.

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