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Copper or steel pipes for steam boiler?

We just purchased a house with a Burnham steam boiler fitted with copper piping throughout. The boiler is connected to two thermostats and it indirectly heats the hot water (SuperStor). A few days ago, we noticed that even though the thermostats are off, the boiler keeps switching on several times an hour when no one is using hot water. We called two heating companies and both opined that there's something wrong with the wiring and piping. One company suggested that we tear out the copper pipes and replace them with steel pipes because copper pipes are incompatible with steam heat. The other company said that copper pipes are fine. Who's right?

Re: Copper or steel pipes for steam boiler?

Copper piping is not incompatible with steam heat. It may not last as long as steel depending on the grade of copper. As far a the boiler coming on when the thermostats are not calling, it sounds like a the controls are either the wrong ones or they are not wired correctly. The way it should work is the boiler should not fire unless there is a call for hot water or heat. It's set up as if you had a domestic coil for hot water instead of the indirect system you have, which is a much better system, that you are not getting the benefit of.


Re: Copper or steel pipes for steam boiler?

Thank you so much!

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