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Condenser near dryer vent

I just had my condenser moved for some landscaping work, and now I am worried it is way too close to my dryer vent, for heat and humidity as well as lint. I think it would be easier to extend the dryer vent than to move the condenser again. If I extend it 8' outside of my house with aluminum round ducting, am I letting a very large budy of uninsulated air back into my house? What would be the best way to accomplish this? I also bought a dryer vent that is supposed to be more efficient than the normal flap style vent. Any advice would be great appreciated, I don't know what the best solution is here. Thanks! -KH

Re: Condenser near dryer vent

How close is close??

Re: Condenser near dryer vent

Maybe only 2 or 3 feet? When I was out there cleaning the area for another reason I noticed a lot of lint everywhere (I am going to try and address that too) since it's under a low deck I never noticed before. Condenser is just outside the deck. I am concerned about lint getting sucked right into the condenser fins. And of course the hot air from the dryer going right into it isn't ideal either. Because the line was run right above the dryer vent I don't have clearance to install my more efficient vent cover either (extends out and up from the house). So there's a few reasons to want to extend it.

A. Spruce
Re: Condenser near dryer vent

About a foot from the house I'd install a deflector that will redirect the vent to the sides, thus preventing the hot air blast and lint build-up on the condenser.

As to the lint, a little bit is normal, and will generally disappear into the environment. If you're getting build up, then I'd make sure that the lint filter in the dryer is being cleaned after each use and being reinstalled properly.

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