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Cold Bedroom

I have a single story home 1500sf built w/ a crawl space. when i bought the home it came w/ a new furnace but seems too small for are house. Our back bedroom which is the furthest from the furnace is always ALOT! colder than the rest how can i make it warmer? We need to male this room a nursery and right now is too cold for a baby, any suggestions??

Re: Cold Bedroom

Try to adjust the dampers either at the diffuser or at the duct connection.Is your Tstat far away from the room in question?
Does it help if you increase the temp even if its not comfortable in the other rooms?
If so its just a balance problem- if it does not heat up at all it may be an insulation problem for that room-

always install gaskets at outlets and check windows for drafts and put your hand near the floor baseboard if you feel cold you may need to remove the shoe molding and try to seal the area with foam rope.The expanding foam works but it may come out in finished areas you don't want to have to clean up.
Is the attic access in this room - seal the door with a foam box or tent.
all these things to try are cheap

Re: Cold Bedroom


Could you specify what type of heating system you have:

When you say "furnace", are you referring to a forced hot air system, or do you mean you have a forced hot water system??

If forced hot air, how far away from the furnace is the bedroom; are the ducts insulated; is there hot air coming out of the floor register(s); is there only one supply register & one return register in the bedroom; have you checked that all the dampers are open; can you feel any air (hot or cold) coming out of the supply register when the furnace is running?????

Please post back.

Re: Cold Bedroom

I have a forced hot air system, the furnace is about 20 ft from the room, and theres only 1 register in the room, hot air comes out but very little if any. i went under the house and checked to see if maybe a duct was bent or had something in it and all seemed fine. Where are the dampers located? i looked while under there and did not know what i was looking for.

Re: Cold Bedroom

Also, this is a gas furnace if this makes any difference.

Re: Cold Bedroom

the dampers are attached to the main duct connection onto the flex duct or hard pipe. They have handles and the handle stem will be open if the stem is in line with the leaving duct work


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