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New Jersey John
Cigarette Smoke fom neighbor through firewall

Hello. We recently purchased a twin house in NJ. The neighbor's side of the twin is split into two apartments. One apartment on the first floor and another apartment on the second floor. Our neighbor on the second floor smokes and we smell his cigar/cigarette smoke in our second floor hallway and in our one year old's bed room. We tried using spray foam on some of the holes in the dry wall that we saw. There is a brick firewall behind the drywall. I assume the firewall is complete wihtout any gaps but I have no way of really knowing wthout removing all the drywall in the hallway and hallway ceiling. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions as to how we cna handle this? We asked our neighbor to crack a window but he refused to comply. HELP!

Re: Cigarette Smoke fom neighbor through firewall

that is real difficult to be able to come up with anything more than a guess over the internet. probally your best option as far coming to an idea of how it is happening is to find someone qualified to come over and to walk through and take their time and look at the construction of the seperation wall. most residential settings that require a fire wall don't have to pass the same kind of inspection that you would have to on a larger commercial setting. on residential it is in most cases done by the local building inspector, whereas for the commercial setting any firewalls have a seperate inspection done by a fire marshall. so I would find a drywall contractor that has a good reputation in your area in the commercial field and have him come take a look or call your local fire marshall and see what help they can be or what suggestions they may offer. I would first make sure that the odor isn't coming from gaps in windows or from source such as that.

Re: Cigarette Smoke fom neighbor through firewall

I say a drywall contractor because they deal with fire ratings all the time and in the trades are probally the ones with the better knowledge in this area.

Gray Watson
Re: Cigarette Smoke fom neighbor through firewall

Did you have a real estate attorney represent you in this recent purchase? Covenants and restrictions for the property might address this party wall issue. Local zoning might speak to the possibility that this subdivision to apartment next door may not be legal. Some discrete inquiries at your township or city offices perhaps?

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