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Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

I removed a cast iron oil-fired boiler made by Thatcher Furnace Company from a friend's basement. I was planning to scrap it, but it is in excellent condition, and I would hate to see it junked if there is any demand for these things. It comes apart in 6 slices, roughly 250lbs each. Any ideas? Here are some pics. The wet looking stuff is PB Blaster, it took a whole can to get those bolts free!

Re: Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

That was a good boiler in it's day but by today's standards it a fuel hog. Sell it for scrap. Once you take it apart you will need new push nipples to reassemble it and I doubt you will be able to find replacement nipples.


Jay A
Re: Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

That looks a little bigger than one I scrapped off a job a year or so ago.

As has been said, they're way too inefficient to be used now, so I doubt you'll find anyone wanting to reuse it.

As for scrapping it, don't get too excited about money. Cast iron scrap is close to worthless these days.

The one I scrapped brought $30! Took $80 worth of labor to break it down and get it on the truck, and about $10 worth of diesel to drive to and from the scrap yard :D

Re: Cast iron boiler- worth anything?

I think cast iron is bringing $11/hundred. You could always offer it for free/haul away on Craigslist.

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