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Buderus/Riello burner help; also info on Logimatic control

Hi, I just had my buderus boiler 115 (oil forced hot water) yearly cleaning/tune-up by my new oil company performed yesterday. It is about 6yrs old, was installed w a Riello 40 burner, which I discovered had a small leak. Tech said it should be all set, not sure what he did, said he tightened something, but today I noticed it is leaking again, so I obviously will need some service. But my question is in regard to this burner. He said he didn't like riello burners because they require you to buy a whole repair kit which is half the cost of a Beckett oil burner. I'm not sure if this is true, or is it a case of him not being familiar with buderus/riello products; (I also asked about the Logimatic control, I don't have it, but his response was the more electronics, the more problems) So what are the differences in oil burners, are their pros and cons etc, and also what is the deal with the Logimatic controller? The original installer said something along the same line, I do live in the North East, it gets cold, and as you know, the cost of heat keeps going up and if their is a way to save, I would be interested in this technology. Any help or info from someone with similar set up is greatly appreciated!

Re: Buderus/Riello burner help; also info on Logimatic control


Buderus boilers and Riello oil burners are high quality equipment; but the fact that there is still a leak in your Riello burner after a service call
is unacceptable----oil leaks are almost always caused by some minor problem such as a loose fitting, but it could also be caused by a worn out fuel oil pump.

I assume you have a service contract with the people who came over---if you do, call them back immediately and ask for the service manager and explain that you still have a leak problem after service was provided---maybe this time they'll send over someone who is familiar with the Riello and the fuel pump that is attached to it----as a customer with a service contract, you have the right to have any problems with your heating system repaired to your satisfaction.

In regards to the Logamatic, these are known as "outdoor reset" systems that have an outdoor temperature sensor on the exterior of your house that records the outdoor temp & provides an appropriate "set point" heating temperature/boiler firings for the inside of your house----the colder it is outside, the more the boiler is made to fire & the hotter the water circulated thru the piping; the reverse is true during milder outside weather, where the outdoor sensor tells the boiler to fire less & at lower water temps-----there's no question that such a system can save perhaps 30% in fuel savings over a heating season in most cases.

The caveat with this system is that a lot of people have problems getting accustomed to it---the idea is to set the indoor t-stat to a set temperature & forget about it, and let the Logamatic system decide what is an appropriate heat-----the various occupants of the dwelling usually have different ideas of what is cozy warm, and what is not, so there has to be a certain amount of "back & forth" between the heating service installer and the occupants to tweak the system to accomodate all the occupant's feeling of warmth & comfort----some families never really get used to the new system, but most do over time.

What are some of the other factors: do you have adequate insulation in the exterior walls & attic? Do you have double pane windows/storms or single pane windows?? Do you have natural gas lines in your area, so you can plan in the future to convert to gas (gas continues to get less expensive, while oil prices have been increasing)? How do you heat your hot tap water (DHW) Coil inside boiler, separate HW heater, indirect HWH??

Since the boiler is relatively new and a good brand, you may be able to down-rate the nozzle/firing rate if you can tighten up the house via insulation or new vinyl windows.

Re: Buderus/Riello burner help; also info on Logimatic control

Thanks Brewster,
I'm going to find someone new. It was one of those things where something clicked when talking to him, and what he was saying didn't jive from what I was reading, and your answer confirmed it. Buderus has a list of certified installers/techs, I'm gonna do a little research and call some.

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