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Boiler insulation question..

Hi! Going with a new Biasi B3 or B4 (3.3 and 4.7)gal water respectfully to replace my old boiler. My final baseboard sizing is not complete as I am replacing some of my old baseboard with the "Senior" 700 btu sections. My question has to do with boiler insulation. The Biasi appears to have about 2" of the standard yellow fiberglass insulation around the boiler. I have noticed some other models that have rigid foam insulation. Can some one explain the insulation factors to me, and can the amount of insulation be increased? Thanks, Bill

Re: Boiler insulation question..


Glad to hear you chose Biasi---it's a great boiler that has a reputation for excellence.

The decision on boiler wrap insulation is made by the boiler engineers when they design the system---so it's probably not a good idea to mess with their guidelines.

That being said, the installer you hire to set up the boiler in your home may be able to access one of the "insulation kits" that the local plumbing supply houses carry for Biasi boilers.

Biasi has several on-line installation manuals that cover this topic: Google "biasi boiler jacket assembly" (without the quotation marks) for more info.

If nothing can be done to increase insulation on the boiler itself, don't ignore the house envelope---try to get R19 in all exterior walls & R40 in the attic---this is where the REAL money savings in heating & cooling costs will be realized.

They have insulation companies that can blow in cellulose usually on a single day basis.

Re: Boiler insulation question..

...thanks Jack! Can't do anything with the walls as we did vinyl siding a few years back..probably should have wrapped the house in rigid foam at the time. I have added more attic insulation, all new windows and a ton of weather stripping,foaming and caulking post energy audit. One major basement improvement was the insulation of the band sill going halfway done the basement wall. This should also help! One last question.. All my hydronic pipes from the furnace to where they go up in the floor are all wrapped in foam. I have heard pros and cons, can you add to this? Thanks, Bill

Re: Boiler insulation question..


Believe it or not, vinyl siding sections can be individually removed with a small device called a zip tool---the lower portion of the vinyl panel is opened by the insulation installer & one or two small holes are cut into the sheathing to blow in the insulation.

Since this work is low cost & does such a good job of insulating the house envelope--I hope you at least get some estimates---consult the Yellow Pages under "Insulation".

The wrapping of the main supply/return boiler pipes is almost always a good idea, as it saves energy & fuel costs.

In some instances where the boiler room gets near freezing temps in winter, the pipes are often left bare to raise the heat of the boiler room to a safe level.

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