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Air filter Location?

The ac in my home is the original Carrier unit from the late 70's. My question is that the filter is not inside the home but rather in the unit itself in the garage. i have to take off the two metal doors to get to it and cram in a 14x25x1 filter. that was the filter size and is what was in there when i moved in but it doesn't seem to fit quite right. I have seen another one of my units elsewhere and it had the same set up location and filter size.

My question: Can i put the filter inside the house at the intake like most typical ac's have? would that hurt anything?

Re: Air filter Location?

It should not be a problem to move the filter(s) to the inside. For a standpoint of the functionality of the system, it would really not make a difference. You might want to consider having your return ducts cleaned though, as with the filter always having been in the unit in the garage, the amount of dust in the return ducts is probably pretty substantial.

Re: Air filter Location?

There are 'return filter grilles' made for this very purpose. Be sure though, that if you are going to use this, that you have one at every return. If it is a single, central return, then no problem; you have one inlet and one filter. If you have returns throughout the house this may not be as practical.

I would have someone come out and look at the system and see how difficult it would be to install an "external filter rack." This is a filter compartment that is mounted outside the furnace that eliminates the need to access the furnace in order to change the filter. It can be incorporated into the sheet metal itself, or a separate cabinet can be installed. Many of the higher efficiency filtration systems utilize a separate cabinet that goes in the return ductwork anyway.

Just be sure that whatever return air there is on the system gets filtered on its way back to the furnace.

All the best, Irishmist

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