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Air Condition unit doesn't work

I have a 10yr old Payne Mdl#PA10JA042-B that has stopped blowing cold air. First problem with this unit EVER. Service tech states needs new motor and capacitor. Pwr can be heard at unit when on but fan does not move. Service tech moved fan with screwdriver and system started working. But..wants $700 for parts and labor!! Sent him packing... My question: I can probably buy the dual capacitor online cheaper than the $450 quoted and install myself, I am pretty mechanically inclined. How easy is it to do? Or...should I shop around for better quotes and let the professionals do it. Help it is over 100 outside....

Re: Air Condition unit doesn't work

I'm guessing you are describing the cooling fan motor at the condensor that's located outside.
Check the yellow pages for HVAC supply depots and pickup the capacitors and install them yourself ... for around twenty bucks it wouldn't cost much to try it out.

Make sure to shut off the power to the unit before working on it.

While you have the fan motor out check to see if there are oil ports for the shaft bearings .... though there are some that don't have this provision..

Worst case is you can also pick up a motor and replace it yourself .... probably be a quarter ( or less ) of the price to do it yourself.

Bring the caps and or the motor with you to the parts depot so they can match them with the same specifications.

Just a thought.

Re: Air Condition unit doesn't work

It is a simple fix- try grainger for the motor and cap make sure you get the right direction motor or multi directional motor.If you have a dual cap --fan/comp then get a new dual cap.also measur the distance the fan balde is from the motor before you take it apart, then keep it the same- its important for air flow.
good luck

Re: Air Condition unit doesn't work

Simply because you can 'find' the replacement parts for less 'on-line' or anywhere else for that matter, what is your plan to check out the operation of the unit after you perform this 'repair?'

For the sake of this conversation, let's say it is the capacitor only that needs replacement. You replace the capacitor and then you still have a problem. Now you go and get a motor and replace the motor. Now the fan motor works, but you don't have the means to check the charge in the system or the remaining components to see if there is any other issue. If the system was 'trying' to run without the benefit of the fan motor, then you could have experienced some 'high-pressure / high-temperature issues that a PROFESSIONAL can check out for you.

There is a benefit in dealing with a contractor. If you have a problem, you have someone to stand behind the work. If something else happens, you have now purchased a motor and capacitor that belong to YOU and YOU provide YOUR own warranty.

I am not saying that the work you described couldn't be done for less, but in the long run, if you care at all about the overall performance and longevity of your system you will leave the service and care to a Professional HVAC company.

This doesn't even address the fact that you may inadvertently screw something else up, and worse yet, hurt yourself or the equipment.

Check with family, friends, coworkers, etc. to get a name of a company they recommend.

All the best, Irishmist

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