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How to Install a Mudsill

Norm teaches our apprentices Carly and Erick the basics of mudsill installation at our Brookline project

Brookline Mid-Century Modern House Reveal

A simple gray box built in the 1950s transforms into a stunning, spacious home for a young family, thanks to a pair of six-sided additions and plenty of clean-lined finishes inside

Drain Line Inspection with a High-Tech Camera

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey gets a detailed look at the existing sewer line of our Brookline project and discovers a major problem

Project Update | Brookline Mid-Century Modern House

This Old House’s 40th television season continues as the team tackles a boxy, shed-roofed mid-century modern house that presents plenty of challenges. Have a look at the jobsite

Sneak Peek: Brookline Mid-century Modern Floor

Getting the look of concrete with giant-size porcelain tiles

Sneak Peek: Brookline storm water problem-solving

When it rains at our Mid-century Modern House, it pours

Insiders Have a Blast at the Brookline Wrap Party

The Brookline Mid-Century Modern House is finally finished, and TOH Insiders were there to celebrate

Sneak Peek: Brookline floating fireplace

Our mid-century modern gets an iconic secondary heat source

Insiders Experience Pro2Pro in Brookline

On January 17, a group of Insiders and guests got an up-close look at the Brookline Mid-century Modern House, and a whole lot more!

Live Q&A: Crabgrass, torn shingles, and sticky sliders

Roger, Kevin, and Tom tackle problems inside and out

Sneak Peek: Brookline puddingstone

Our mid-century modern gets an updated perimeter wall

Live Q&A: Of Moss and Men’s Workshops

Kevin and Tom discuss siding, post sizes, and breaking into the business

Sneak Peek: Brookline Stair Risers

At our mid-century-modern project, there’s a whole lot of climbing going on

Sneak Peek: Brookline Rubber Roof

A mid-century modern offers a lesson in replacing a flat roof

Sneak Peek: Brookline Kitchen Beams

Opening up the cook space means adding more support

Live Q&A: Kevin O’Connor and Charlie Silva

How to insulate, renovate, and repair a stairway’s treads

Insiders Go Behind the Scenes in Brookline

You've got to see this! A few lucky guests got to take part in the ultimate This Old House fan experience

Meet Brookline Generation NEXT Apprentices Erick and Carly

Erick Ellison and Carly Comitino were selected from our Generation NEXT casting call to be apprentices in Brookline, Massachusetts! They will be working with and learning from the This Old House crew this summer Published July 2018

Brookline Asbestos Detective

Tom Silva and a hazmat expert put their heads together before work begins

Brookline Mid-century Modern House

This Old House modernizes a mid-century home in the suburbs of Boston

Sneak Peek–Brookline

For only the second time, the crew tackles a mid-century-modern house