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Sneak Peek–Brookline

For only the second time, the crew tackles a mid-century-modern house

The second project of TOH TV’s 40th season is a 1957 mid-century-modern house in Brookline, MA, a suburb of Boston. On the first day of filming last month, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor arrived at the site in a 1957 Chevy, built the same year as the house.

The team will be renovating the residence for a family of three, and building additions that mimic the original geometry of the house. TOH has done only one other mid-century-modern renovation in the 40 years of the show, so the work is sure to present some unexpected challenges.

The original house was designed by architect Jan Reiner, a native of Czechoslovakia, who studied in Prague and also at Harvard, where he received a master of architecture degree. Reiner lived and worked in Boston for many years, including the era when he designed this house.