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How Much Does Bathroom Vanity Replacement Cost? (2024 Guide)

Typical cost range: $665–$3,300

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Replacing a bathroom vanity is a quick way to refresh your bathroom. Whether you prefer a new look, need additional storage space, or want to get rid of an old vanity in disrepair, there are plenty of options to match your preference and style.

The average cost of labor to replace a vanity ranges from $665 to $3,300 including disposing of the old vanity and vanity top, disconnecting and reconnecting plumbing, and installing the new cabinet and top. This doesn’t include the cost of a new cabinet, vanity top, sink, or faucet, which could add thousands if you get custom cabinetry and high-end fixtures. However, the price you’ll pay depends on many factors.

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What Factors Affect Bathroom Vanity Replacement Cost?

Three main factors affect the cost of replacing a bathroom vanity.

  • Vanity type: Prices differ for prefabricated vanities versus custom vanities.  
  • Vanity size: The size of the vanity determines the cost of cabinetry along with the number of drawers and doors, as these make up a large part of cabinet cost.
  • Vanity top material: The cost to install a new vanity top varies greatly depending on the material you choose. You’ll pay by the square foot for popular choices such as granite, quartz, solid surface, and marble.
  • Fixture choice:  Your sink and faucet choice will greatly affect your costs.

Cost by Vanity Type

Homeowners generally have two choices when it comes to bathroom vanity types: prefabricated or custom-built. You can find prefabricated vanities in unassembled and assembled kits at stores such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Pottery Barn, Ikea, and Wayfair. 

On average, the bathroom vanity replacement cost is lower for prefabricated vanities than custom vanities. This is because some prefabricated vanities come with a countertop, a large factor in the overall cost.

A custom-built vanity lets you choose the wood, finish, and number of drawers and doors as well as options like soft-close guides and trash pullouts. However, expect to pay nearly double for a custom vanity than a prefabricated one. Here are the average cost ranges for prefabricated and custom-built vanities:

The cost of a premade vanity ranges from $100 to $2,600, depending on its size, materials, and added features.

Hiring a professional cabinetmaker to build a bathroom vanity costs $500 to $2,800. This doesn’t include installation, which adds $200 to $1,000. You’ll also have to add on the cost of replacing a countertop. Countertop materials cost between $5 and $135 per square foot.

Cost by Vanity Size

Having a single sink will usually make a vanity smaller and less expensive. If you prefer a double sink, it will add to the total cost. Whether you have a single or double vanity, the price will increase with the length. Here is what you can expect to pay for a bathroom vanity by size.

Vanity Size (Feet)Single or Double VanityAverage Cost






















Cost by Vanity Top Material

There are many vanity top materials to choose from. The total cost of the vanity will depend on the top material chosen.

Vanity Top MaterialAverage Cost per Sq. Ft.





Cultured marble




Solid surface






Porcelain or ceramic tile


Labor Cost

The average labor cost for replacing a bathroom vanity is $665 to $3,300. This price includes removing and disposing of the old vanity, disconnecting and reconnecting plumbing, and installing the new vanity, top, sink, and faucet. If you want a cabinetmaker to build the new vanity, that’ll add $500 to $2,800 to the total cost of labor.

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There are a few additional considerations that can affect the cost of replacing a bathroom vanity.

Backsplash Installation

A backsplash might be necessary if the new vanity top is exposed to a non-waterproof wall. Installing a bathroom vanity backsplash ranges from $1.50 to $30 per square foot. This also depends on the type of material used. Most premade vanities will include a backsplash.

Chosen Fixtures

There are fixtures available to suit every type of style and budget. High-end fixtures such as glass or stone vessel sinks and waterfall no-touch faucets will increase the bathroom vanity replacement cost.

Plumbing Line Work

If you need to move, replace, or install new plumbing drains and water lines to accommodate the new vanity, add the cost of a plumber to the total installation cost. Plumbers charge $45 to $200 per hour to run a new plumbing line or to move the current line.

Floor Replacement

If you change the vanity’s location or size, you may need to repair or replace your bathroom flooring material.

DIY vs. Professional Bathroom Vanity Replacement

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to hire a professional or do the project on your own. Below is a breakdown of DIY versus professional installation.

Professional Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Expect to pay $200 to $1,000 to have a pro install a new bathroom vanity. Professionals have the skills, knowledge, and tools to carefully and correctly install your new vanity. Services typically include the following:

  • Attaching the vanity top, sink, and faucet
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting sink drains
  • Custom-build options
  • Removing and disposing of the old vanity, top, and fixtures

There are some disadvantages to hiring a professional. It is more expensive to hire a professional, and the project may face delays. However, you won’t have to worry about whether they did the job correctly or sacrifice your own time and effort.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Experienced DIYers may not have any issues installing a bathroom vanity. The only costs involved are the supplies you’ll need for the job, as well as purchasing the vanity, top, and fixtures.

This saves you money on installation, and you’ll have more control over the project, but it will likely take longer to install and any mistake means you could end up calling a professional anyway.

Some necessary supplies include the following:

  • Bucket: $5
  • Carpenter’s level: $10–$100
  • Caulk: $5–$20
  • Faucet: $12–$1,600
  • New water supply lines: $25$50
  • P-trap: $5–$60
  • Painter’s tape: $5
  • Pipe wrench: $15–$155
  • Premade bathroom vanity: $100–$2,600
  • Screw gun: $99–$200
  • Shims: $5
  • Stud finder: $10–$50
  • Tape measure: $10–$30
  • Utility knife: $10–$20

How Do You Save on a Bathroom Vanity Replacement Project?

Here are some opportunities to save on your bathroom vanity installation cost:

  • Avoid high-end materials and find countertops, faucets, and other materials that are more cost-effective.
  • Don’t change the layout of the bathroom if you don’t need to. Choose a vanity that fits your bathroom as is.
  • Consider things you can DIY to avoid paying extra for labor.

How Do You Hire a Pro?

You should carefully evaluate who you hire to do a bathroom vanity installation to avoid poor results. Follow these steps to hire a top-quality professional:

Make a list of potential candidates. Ask friends and family for referrals. Search online for a local handyperson or contractor who performs bathroom vanity installations.
Do your research. Check ratings and reviews online. You can find these on sites such as Yelp, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau.
Compare prices. Request quotes from at least three companies.
Ask questions. Ask what is and isn’t included in the price and when you can expect the project’s start and completion.

Our Conclusion

The average cost of a bathroom remodel is high, but replacing just the vanity is a cost-effective approach to updating your bathroom. The bathroom vanity replacement cost varies greatly depending on the vanity type and size and the material used for the countertop. We recommend hiring a professional to install the new vanity as well as to remove and dispose of the old one. But if you have the tools and skills to DIY, carefully consider whether or not you’re up for the job. 

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FAQ About Bathroom Vanity Replacement

How much does it cost to remove a bathroom vanity and install a new one?

It costs between $665 and $3,300 to remove and dispose of an old bathroom vanity and install a new one. This doesn’t include the cost of the new vanity.

Can I replace my bathroom vanity myself?

Bathroom vanity replacement is possible, but it’s best to leave it to the pros. A simple replacement is easy to do, but you should hire skilled professionals for more complex jobs that require plumbing work or wall removals.

How much is labor for vanity top installation?

Bathroom vanity labor costs between $200 and $1,000. This doesn’t include the removal of an old vanity or the price of a new one.

Does a plumber replace a bathroom vanity?

Plumbers charge $45 to $200 per hour to run a new line or move an existing one.

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