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Shower Glass Door Installation Cost (2024 Guide)

Typical price range: $532–$1,376

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Shower glass doors enclose a shower area to prevent water from splashing outside while allowing natural light in. They also give your bathroom a more modern look and feel. Shower glass doors are typically made of tempered glass, which is thermally or chemically treated to break into small pieces instead of shards.

The average cost of shower glass door installation is $946 including materials and labor, but this price can range anywhere from $532–$1,376.* Your total cost depends on the size of the enclosure, the type of door, and the thickness of the glass. Our team has detailed each factor affecting shower door installation cost, plus the pros and cons of replacing your shower curtain with a glass enclosure.

*Article cost data sourced from Angi, Home Advisor, Home Depot, and Fixr.

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What Factors Affect Shower Glass Door Installation Cost?

The average cost of shower glass door installation is $946, but this depends on the door size, type, and style, plus the labor involved and any additional materials.

  • Type and style: Some shower glass door styles cost more than others. For example, a framed shower door is more affordable than a frameless or semi-framed option. A simple tub enclosure may have two framed standard glass bypass doors, while a custom shower enclosure may have several heavy glass panel walls and a hinged heavy door. The cost of materials alone is $300 for a simple framed door and up to $5,000 for a full frameless glass enclosure.
  • Labor: A shower installer typically charges $60 per hour and takes between two and four hours to complete the job. Most homeowners pay $250–$1,000 for professional installation.
  • Materials: The thickness of the glass, whether it’s clear or uses opaque glass, and whether the glass is colored will affect pricing. In addition, the amount of metal and its color affect the cost of hardware. Whether you have a metal framed unit or a frameless unit with just a few mounting brackets and hinges makes a difference.  Chrome is relatively affordable while brushed nickel and bronze are pricier.

The type of shower glass enclosure you purchase has the biggest impact on project costs. They often come in kits, but companies also sell custom shower enclosures at a higher price. Keep in mind that the more glass panels you use, the more money you’ll spend. Here are the different shower glass enclosure types available:

These are fixed glass panels that cannot open like a normal glass door, instead offering an open-air bathing experience.

A metal frame made of materials such as aluminum, brass, or stainless steel surrounds the glass door and holds it securely in place. It’s possible to use thinner glass (about 1/4 inch) because the frame provides increased strength.

Also known as a bypass door, a sliding door consists of two glass panels that slide horizontally along a track to open and close. Sliding doors can be framed or semi-framed, depending on how much hardware you want.

Swing doors can be framed or semi-framed and open up with a hinge that’s either continuous in framed versions or hinged only at the top and the bottom. Swing doors come in a range of sizes and design options and can fit various bathroom shapes and styles.

Half-height doors are about half the height of a regular shower glass door and keep water from spraying all over the bathroom floor.

Hinged doors are swing doors without a frame. Hinges or brackets attach 3/8-inch doors and panels to the wall and the door swings off the wall or a glass panel.

Bi-fold doors come framed or semi-framed and consist of two panels on each door, which fold into themselves when you open the door. This type of door has rollers at the bottom and a track at the top to slide open.

Because there’s no frame, frameless doors need thicker glass and may have silicone sweeps or seals at the bottom or edge. This helps to keep water inside the shower enclosure.

French doors consist of two doors that can be framed, semi-framed, or frameless. They can open simultaneously or separately, allowing for a much larger clearance than other shower glass door types.

An inline installation consists of a glass door and a fixed panel or panels installed across the front of the tub or shower. These doors generally give homeowners a wider clearance and can be frameless, framed, or semi-framed.

You can find neo-angle showers in small bathroom corners with a base made of three angles, each at 45 degrees. The enclosure has two fixed glass panels and a glass shower door that’s usually at the center. Neo-angle doors are usually framed for their needed rigidity.

Large showers and shower rooms may have glass enclosures on several sides. Full enclosures have glass panels that surround the shower area with either an open entryway into the shower or a glass door. They can be framed, semi-framed, or frameless and are very customizable.

TypeCost of Materials

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Labor Costs

A shower installer typically charges $60 per hour, and an average shower door installation takes two to four hours to complete. You’ll pay more for custom projects that require extra time, tasks that need more people due to the glass’ weight and size, or particularly tricky installations. If you’re remodeling and removing an old shower door, ask the contractor if the price includes removal and disposal of the old door. Homeowners generally pay $270 for shower glass door replacement or $250–$1,000 for a new installation.

Cost by Material

New shower units always come with hardware, but it can still be replaced if desired. Hardware packs cost $75–$250, but you can also buy each piece separately if you’re doing repair work. Your glass shower door may need the following materials, depending on the type:

  • Hinges: Hinges allow homeowners to open and close a shower door at a 90-degree angle. A single pack of glass door hinges costs $80–$85.
  • Tracks: A sliding shower door needs a track to open and close. Kits may come with a top track, bottom track, side jambs, and rollers, which cost $135–$380. A simple plastic track costs $12–$15.
  • Door handle/knob: Handles or knobs start at $15 and go up to $300, depending on the type and material.
  • Mounting clips: Shower enclosures require mounting clips to be attached to a fixed glass panel’s side and bottom. A kit with three clips costs $60–$78.
  • Vinyl seal: A seal prevents water from leaking out of the bottom or side of the door, costing between $12 and $32.
  • Door roller and bracket: This is a top-hung roller assembly designed for a sliding or bypass shower door. The price for these sets ranges from $6–$16.

Additional Factors Affecting Cost

Other factors can affect your shower glass door installation cost. For example, upgrades such as decorative handles or low-iron glass raise the overall price.

Shower Glass Door Upgrades

Here are some of the most popular shower door upgrades available:

  • Low-iron glass: Most glass shower doors have a greenish tint, but low-iron glass has a higher clarity. This upgrade averages $650.
  • Thicker glass: Some types of shower doors require thicker glass. Upgrading to 1/2- or 3/8-inch glass averages about $650.
  • Decorative handles: Using a nice, decorative handle instead of what’s included in the glass door kit will cost an additional $200.
  • Water spot prevention: Glass is prone to spotting after you take a shower, but you can get a water spot treatment for $150–$500 to help prevent water stains.
  • Built-in towel bars: Towel bars can clamp on or be drilled through the glass for a custom look.

Shower Glass Door Size

Most shower panels are 12–60 inches wide and up to 72 inches tall, and most shower doors are 2436 inches wide. You’ll spend more for a shower panel that’s wider than 60 inches or taller than 76 inches. A custom installation or a bathtub and shower combo may require a bigger shower unit with larger glass.

Cost by Size

Width by Height (in Inches)Cost











Pros and Cons of Shower Glass Door Installation

Like many home improvement projects, glass shower door installation has both benefits and potential pitfalls.

Can be customized to suit different bathroom layouts and design preferences
Can be wiped down with a mild cleaning solution or a squeegee
Made from strong and breakage-resistant tempered glass 
Provides a sleeker, more modern look than a regular shower curtain
Significantly better water containment
Needs maintenance and re-caulking to keep parts functioning and seals intact
Can accumulate water spots, soap scum, and hard water stains on the glass
Can create leaks, instability, or other issues that require repairs if improperly installed

Professional vs. DIY

Whether you hire a professional installer or go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, there are some things to consider before committing to a plan.

Professional Shower Glass Door Installation

Professional shower glass door installation costs an average of $532–$1,377, but the price can go up to $6,000 for a full glass enclosure.

Choosing to do the installation yourself may save you on labor costs, but this type of project requires expertise to make the unit work and prevent leaks. If you make a mistake taking on the project yourself, you may end up paying more to fix mistakes. A professional installer can complete the job quickly and properly, ensuring your shower glass door fits perfectly without leakage.

DIY Shower Glass Door Installation

If you have experience with glass installation and feel confident in your DIY abilities, this project can be done without a professional. Glass door kits and all necessary tools are available in home improvement stores. However, you may need an extra pair of hands to help move the glass panels and take accurate measurements. If your measurements are inaccurate, you may need to replace the kit or order replacement parts. This could increase your bathroom renovation cost.

How To Hire a Professional

Follow these steps to hire a high-quality professional glass shower door installer:

Make a list: Ask friends and family for referrals, or search online for local glass shower door installers.
Do research: Check ratings and reviews on sites such as Yelp, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau. Make sure the companies are properly licensed and insured.
Compare prices: Request quotes from two to three companies.
Ask questions: Ask what is and isn’t included in the price.

Our Conclusion

Upgrading to a glass shower door enhances your bathroom’s look, offers greater customization, and offers superior water retention versus a shower curtain. Costs vary based on the enclosure size, style, and materials, but the average total is $946 including labor. We don’t recommend DIY installation because this project requires skill and expertise. A professional can accurately measure the frame size or customize the shower based on your preferences. If sealed incorrectly, water can leak and potentially damage your bathroom.

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FAQ About Shower Glass Door Installation Cost

Can I install a glass shower door myself?

You can install a shower glass door yourself, but it’s not recommended. A professional contractor can complete the job quickly and avoid damaging your door or bathtub. Their work may also come with a warranty.

Are frameless shower doors more expensive?

Frameless shower doors can cost up to $2,900, including materials and installation. This type of door costs more because it has heavier glass, is custom-made, and requires special mounting hardware. It should always be measured and installed by a professional.

Do glass shower doors add value?

Installing a new glass shower door should improve your home’s resale value. A midrange bathroom remodel has an almost 60% return on investment (ROI). 

How long does it take to install shower doors?

Most professional shower door installations take between two and four hours.

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