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How to Extend a Downspout

Need to extend your downspout? Connecting downspouts to buried drainpipes can help dry out a wet basement and soggy lawn.

How to Build a Wall-Mounted Coatrack

No room for an entryway closet? No problem. Keep outerwear organized with this simple-to-build piece

How to Build a Storage Ottoman

Use plywood, foam, and fabric to create a handsome custom piece


How to Install a Stair Runner

Use a stock runner (or two) to add a splash of color and cushiony comfort to bare wood stairs.


How to Build a Classic Westport Chair

Take some stock cedar, make a few tricky cuts, and puzzle it all together to create an instant heirloom.

How to Build a Raised Herb-Garden Planter

Four deck posts and a few boards are all you need to create this practical, compact planting bed


How to Build a Pathway Lamppost

Pick up some stock cedar and a hanging lantern to construct a custom garden fixture

Installing a Bathroom Vent Fan

Putting in bathroom ventilation is one of the most requested retrofits, and it only requires a day's work.

How to Set Up a Ladder

In order to be safe, a ladder needs to remain stationary. Period. And setting it up right is at least half the battle. Here's what proper placement looks like

How to Install a Soap Dish

Put an end to soggy soap with proper soap dish placement