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Files & Rasps

Both are meant to be used between the rough cut of a saw and the smoothing of sandpaper — we'll tell you what types to use for what jobs

What Makes It Wiggle?

That little hook at the end of your tape measure is intentionally loose — here's why.

How to Choose and Use a Level

From the basic bubble model to high-tech laser gadgets, here’s what you need to know about how to choose and use the right level for your project.

Speed Demons

Choosing and using paint rollers and pads

How to Choose and Use a Leaf Blower

It may come as a surprise to the sound-sensitive neighbors, but most people buy blowers too small for their needs

Choosing and Using Pliers

Figuring out which grippers are best for the job

Making the Cut

Choosing and using handsaws

Choosing and Using String Trimmers

Trimmers and techniques to keep your grass looking its best

Choosing and Using Pruners and Loppers

Tools and techniques to keep your plants looking their best

Choosing and Using Squares

These simple but indispensable measuring tools can do some amazing tricks