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The Newton Generation NEXT House: Project Preview

After more than 15 years away, homeowner Liz McQuillan Delfino is teaming up with TOH to get the house she grew up in ready for her own family, complete with an in-law suite to welcome extended visits from the grandparents. New episodes start October 6th. Check local listings

Deck Design Ideas

From built-in planters to shade-producing pergolas to railings and more, explore innovative decking ideas.

Kitchen Storage Design Ideas

A lookbook of our most popular upgrades

Better Score for Energy Use

A new evaluation tool looks at more than just green building materials when deciding if a house is energy efficient

EPA's New WaterSense Labeling

Water-efficiency specifications for new homes have finally arrived from the EPA

8 Shortcuts You Should Never Take

Cutting corners may save you time and effort, but it always ends up costing money in the long run. Here a former contractor talks about the 8 shortcuts that turned into shortfalls

The Crawl Space Vent Question

To vent or not to vent—finally someone has done the right tests and come up with an answer.

The High-Tech, Low-Fuss Deck

New synthetic materials and stylish design features transform the old raised rectangle into an easy-to-care-for, good-looking getaway

Working It Out

And so began the work on another This Old House television project. After give-and-take between drawing board and checkbook, the plans— by local architect David Stirling — were finished.

Winchester TV Project House: Here Come the Subs

As work in Winchester kicks into high gear, dozens of tradesmen descend on the house. Here's an update on their progress.