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How to Remove Air Pollution in the Home

While a tight, well-insulated home is great for saving energy, trapping lots of stale air indoors can undermine your health. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that the quality of the air inside is healthy and free from harmful pollutants.

Two Kitchens: Twice as Nice! | 2019 Idea House

For those with a passion for cooking and entertaining, the dual kitchens of the TOH 2019 Idea House must be checked out

Living & Entertaining Spaces | 2019 Idea House

There’s plenty of room for family and friends at the TOH 2019 Idea House; check out these charming spaces for unwinding and entertaining

Décor & Design Takeaways | 2019 Idea House

Dive into the decorative elements that made the TOH 2019 Idea House a home

The Suite Life: Beds & Baths | 2019 Idea House

Our 2019 Idea House features five bedrooms with en suite bathrooms—and plenty of design inspiration and ideas

Sleek Revival | 2019 Idea House

Welcome to our 2019 Idea House, a stately circa-1840 home, located in New Canaan, CT, that’s been rebuilt and reimagined for modern family life

High-Style, Hardworking Spaces | 2019 Idea House

Who says hardworking spaces should be hidden behind closed doors? At the 2019 Idea House, we’ve packed high-functioning spaces with lots of stylish ideas, and they’re meant to be seen

Idea House 2019 Preview | Main Street Event

Our 2019 Idea House steps back in time with the total overhaul of a circa-1840 Greek Revival that’s a well-loved fixture in a historical Connecticut downtown

1860 Italianate Remodel: House Proud

The home had seen better days—until a master carpenter lavished his skills on the place, turning it into a forever home for him and his wife

Ranch House Remodel: Lake House Legacy

One step at a time, a family home in North Carolina is reinvented for a new generation