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Dorchester Triple-Decker Reveal: All in it Together

The TOH team gives a fire-damaged triple-decker in Dorchester, MA, some long-overdue updates­—and its owner the safer, more comfortable home she and her family deserve.

All About Multi-Panel Doors

Whether they fold, slide, or pivot, these door systems turn solid walls into light-filled expanses of glass.

Saving a Triple Decker with Family History

This Old House tackles the renovation of a fire-damaged "triple-decker" in Dorchester, MA.

25 Years of Innovation: Ceiling Fans

Today's models are marvels of quiet efficiency, available in almost every style imaginable

25 Years of Innovation: Lawn Tractors

Did you ever think you'd need a cell-phone outlet on your lawn mower? Times have changed!

25 Years of Innovation: Countertops

Twenty-five years ago, choosing a countertop was easy. You picked from a dozen or so colors of plastic laminate.

Make a Powder Room a Wheelchair-Accessible Bath

Using universal-design principles, you can create a bathroom for almost any unique needs.