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Dressing Closet Design

The plan: Gut the space and ring the room with furniture-grade wardrobe storage.

Don't Split Your Bath. Zone it.

How a shared space was divvied up into his and her spheres, then unified with a turn–of–the–century treatment.

Sharing the Master Bath Without Sacrificing Your Privacy

Your varsity soccer player wants to soak her muscles in your jetted tub, but you want to get ready for bed. We have a solution for that.

What to Look for When Buying Vacant Land

Don't stake your claim until you know the potential pitfalls

Creating a Master Bath for a Modest Home

How one couple added on a luxurious master bath without sacrificing the modest scale of their cottage home.

Earth-Friendly Flooring

10 options for the eco-minded remodeler

A Better Driveway Border

Belgian block edging keeps the pavement out of your yard, and vice versa.