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New Trick for Old Miter Saw?

Don't use a table-saw technique on a miter saw


I know that stacked dado sets are often mounted on table saws, and I've seen them on radial arm saws, but I've never seen this kind of blade on a sliding-compound miter saw. Seems to me this setup would make short work of cutting dadoes across narrow boards.
— Jack, Bronx, NY


Norm Abram replies: That would be a neat trick, but I'm not aware of any miter saw with an arbor long enough to hold more than a single blade. (Some saw manuals even warn about mounting a single blade that's too thick, much less several.) But even if the arbor were big enough, I wouldn't recommend trying it. Miter saws are relatively light tools, and typically don't have enough power to safely do this kind of work anyway. If it's dadoes you want, I recommend using a router or a table saw.


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