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Heating a Cold Room

Safe ways to heat the chilly room over the garage

Richard Trehewey holds a toilet

I have a room (approximately 20x20) over my garage, which is colder then the rest of the second floor. I am looking for the safest, yet economical way to heat the room. A space heater may be the answer, but I am not sure what questions to ask about them. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

— Tim ,New Freedom, PA


Richard Trethewey replies: If I had a room like that and was looking into a stand-alone heating unit, I would look into a gas fireplace. They now have a remote, wireless thermostat that automatically turns on the gas-fired log. It takes its combustion air (that the gas flame needs to burn) from outside and has a blower to send heat into the room. I loved the one we used in our Santa Barbara project house a few years back.


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