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6 Fast Fixes for January

Get ahead of household problems for the new year with these easy upgrades

Give Heaters a Hand

Photo by Dan Duchars/GAP Interiors

Make sure heat vents, registers, and radiators are free of obstructions for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Organize Loose Paperwork

Photo by Sandra Aduini/Getty Images

Upgrade any appliances this season? Gather the warranties and receipts and start a binder, making sure to include each item's serial number.

Prevent Burst Pipes

Photo by Neo Vision/Getty Images

To protect plumbing that runs through an exterior wall, let faucets drip or run at a trickle to keep water flowing (rather than freezing) when temps dip below 32°.

Adjust Your Floodlights

Photo by EricVega/Getty Images

They're probably angled over the driveway, but positioning them over potential hiding spots, like recesses and shrubs, can help discourage prowlers.

Keep Rooms Cozy

Photo by Ryan Benyi

In rooms where you spend the most time, add rubber sweeps to interior doors to trap heat.

Check Radon Levels

Photo by Mark Burnett/Getty Images

Home tests work best when the house is sealed up, so now's the time. Learn where to get a kit at