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How to Make a House-Shaped Cutting Board

Treat the chef on your list to butcher block done better

Treat the chef on your list to butcher block done better. A nice thick chunk makes a hard-wearing prep surface, and a few strokes of a jigsaw transform it into a unique conversation piece.

To build a This Old House logo-shaped cutting board 12 inches wide by 14 inches high get one 1½-inch hardwood butcher block cut 14 inches square. Download the template of the TOH logo house shape here.

Other downloadable cutting board templates shapes include a Georgian House Template here, and a Row House Template here.

Step 1: Download the Template

Photo by Mark Lund

Using a restickable glue stick, adhere the template to the butcher block.

Step 2: Make Large Cuts

Photo by Mark Lund

With a straightedge and a pen or pencil, extend the lines on the template to the edge of your block to create guides for your jigsaw. Using a jigsaw fitted with an aggressive-tooth blade, cut out the form, stopping short at the corners.

Step 3: Trim the Corners

Photo by Mark Lund

Finish cutting out the corners with a fine-tooth pull saw.

Step 4: Apply Conditioner

Photo by Mark Lund

Season the board with butcher-block conditioner. Apply three to four coats to finish.