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This Old House

Season 43 starts with a couple who plans to leave the city for this 1880 New England Cape in historic Concord, Massachusetts. They plan to improve the views and make better use of the space inside.

Latest Seasons

Listen to Norm Abram's Interview on the Design Milk Podcast

TOH master carpenter Norm Abram discusses plaid shirts, carpentry, and the Pinewood Derby

Meet the Winners of Our Generation NEXT Casting Call

After launching a nationwide search for three apprentices to work alongside our expert TOH crew, we’ve found our winners! Get to know the young tradespeople who make their TOH TV debut this season

Generation NEXT: How to Get Involved

Learn more about how to share, participate, contribute and support our initiative to increase the pipeline of skilled tradespeople

Generation NEXT: Meet 18 Up-and-Comers

These young men and women are getting the training they need to go the trade route—and they're proud to be building hands-on careers Learn More!

Building Skills With 'Generation NEXT'

As skilled carpenters, plumbers, and electricians retire, there aren’t enough trained craftsmen to take their place. So we’re rallying scholarship support to help young men and women embark on a gratifying, hands-on career

Creating the Next Skilled Generation

TOH master carpenter Norm Abram and Mike Rowe of mikeroweWORKS announce their partnership to support closing the skills gap—that is, encouraging young people to master the trades that built this country.

Inspiring Pride in Hands-on Work

Young people are rejecting vocational jobs that require training and craftsmanship. Who will help build our future?

How This Old House is Helping Close the Skills Gap

There’s a crucial need to encourage the next generation of skilled craftspeople, says master carpenter Norm Abram. Here’s what This Old House is doing.

Ask This Old House: Kevin O’Connor’s Greatest Hits

From introducing segments to helping out around countless job sites, This Old House host Kevin O’Connor is always up to the task.

6 Questions for Tom Silva

General Contractor of This Old House since 1986, Tom Silva shares memories of his favorite house projects, offers advice to homeowners working with contractors, and more

This Old House Homage

Could Your House Be on TOH TV?

This Old House television is always searching for its next renovation. Could your house be The One?

Bringing Down the House IX

The Search for America's Funniest Contractor

Bringing Down the House VIII

The Search for America's Funniest Contractor

Bringing Down the House VI

The Search for America's Funniest Contractor

Bringing Down the House V

The Search for America's Funniest Contractor,

Bringing Down the House IV

The Search for America's Funniest Contractor

Bringing Down the House II

The Search for America's Funniest Contractor

Lessons Learned in 40 Years of TOH TV

Most folks may tackle two or three houses in a lifetime. This Old House TV's crew has taken on dozens. What they've discovered over the years is sure to help any home improver

Top 5 Remodels That Pay Off

This Old House's Two-Minute Expert lists the makeover projects that will get you the best return on your investment

A Tribute to Joe Ferrante

So You Think You Wanna Be on TV?

Folks often ask what it takes to get their renovations on the This Old House TV show. Here's the inside scoop on what the producers look for in a project