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The Tartans of Norm

The TOH master carpenter became a reluctant plaid ambassador when show creator Russ Morash made it Norm’s on-air signature. Below, some of his classics

Leslie Dress Modern

Photo by Anthony Tieuli

Norm sports the bold colors that make this the updated version of a traditional tartan as he fixes a window’s sash lock in 2012.

Black Stewart

Photo by Kolin Smith

Back in 2001, this black-field variation on Royal Stewart—it’s tied to the Scottish and English monarchy—was among Norm’s go-tos.


Photo by Russell Kaye

Norm uses a level to check a post for plumb in this 2007 shot. Like the others here, this classic tartan dates to the early 19th century.

Colquhoun Modern

Photo by Carl Tremblay

In 2005, Norm applies wood stain wearing a tartan whose name only looks tricky (pronounced ca-hoon). The clan goes back to the 1300s.

MacPherson Ancient

Photo by Carl Tremblay

Sure, flannel is work wear, but the notably neat Norm keeps his tidy; in this 2008 photo he vacuums sawdust while clad in a cheery red plaid.