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An App That Helps You Support Generation NEXT and Young Tradespeople

Givz, available as an app and a website, allows you to easily donate to your favorite charities. This is how you can support our Generation NEXT initiative

In response to the need for skilled tradespeople, we launched Generation NEXT in 2017. So far, we've helped raise about $600,000 in scholarship funds to support apprentices on jobsites around the country. We've also hosted several apprentices on our This Old House jobsites. Nathan Gilbert, featured here with Norm, was one of our first Generation NEXT apprentices.

In this video, Norm and Nathan introduce you to Givz, an app that helps you easily donate to a variety of charitable organizations, including Generation NEXT partners, the Skilled Labor Fund and mikeroweWORKS.

Need help getting the app set up on your device? Read more about how to get started here.