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Get Ready for the New Season: We’re 40!

Now completing its fourth decade, TOH TV breaks new ground and checks in on some old favorites

Break out the party-construction hats and tune in to the 40th season of This Old House.

First up is the Jamestown Net-Zero House, an early-1900s cottage in Jamestown, RI, that is being renovated and enlarged with energy-consciousness in mind for a young family. Check your local listings as some dates may vary, but here are the expected debut dates: This Old House Hour–Thursday, October 4; This Old House–Saturday, October 6; and Ask This Old House–Saturday, October 6.

In addition to the renovation work, Season 40 will also feature the TOH team visiting some former TOH TV projects to see how they have fared, including the 1880s Shingle-style Manchester House (Season 23, 2001) and the 1950s Modern Cambridge House (Season 27, 2005).