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Ask This Old House: Walkway Repair

If your bluestone needs some TLC, let Roger show you how to do it

The front walkway of a house is an important feature for curb appeal, but it must, above all, be sturdy and functional.

If you could use some information on tackling this type of repair, have a look at a 2012 episode of Ask This Old House, where Roger Cook helped a homeowner repair a cracked bluestone walkway (Season 11, Episode 11) that had been improperly installed in sand on top of concrete.

Roger shares tips for designing (“I don’t like seeing two small pieces together; it’s more aesthetic to have one big, thick piece”); cutting the bluestone with a diamond blade and water attachment to reduce dust; adding a bed of mortar (stone dust and water) to lay new ¾-inch-thick bluestone pieces; and the final step of mixing polymeric sand in with the stone to bind the stones together. “It’s not that difficult of a job, and it sure makes a difference,” says Roger.