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Pathways & Sidewalks Installation

Read through step-by-step tutorials to help you prepare for any installation pertaining to your sidewalk.

Laying Down a Stone Path

Turn a muddy narrow side yard into an inviting passageway

How to Install a Dry Well

Ready for your next home improvement challenge? A dry well diverts roof runoff and makes for a less slippery yard and walkway.

How to Lay a Budget-Friendly Gravel Path

What does it take to make a walkway in a weekend? Edging, gravel and elbow grease.

How to Lay a Brick Path

Turn a swath of dirt into an elegant brick walkway in just one weekend.

How to Replace a Concrete Walkway

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough replaces a concrete walkway with brick pavers.


How to Set Stone Slabs

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to make beautiful, long-lasting steps from giant stone slabs

Setting Stepping Stones

Create a sturdy, no-wobble garden path.