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S20 E27: DIY Birdbath, Newel Post Repair

In this episode, Nathan shows how to mount a flat-screen TV on a wall, Mark builds a stone birdbath, and Tom repairs a newel post damaged by a dog.

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In this episode:

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert shows host Kevin O’Connor the proper way to hang a TV on a wall. After explaining the different types of wall mounts available, Nathan shows Kevin some helpful tips for locating studs. Then, the two discuss the hardware necessary for hanging a TV, highlighting the importance of matching the mount’s capacity to the TV’s size.

With everything marked out, Nathan and Kevin pre-drill the holes for the lag bolts and hang the TV mount. Finally, they discuss different bracket configurations that might attach to the back of a TV before securing the appropriate bracket and hanging the TV.

Next, Kevin meets mason Mark McCullough for a special project: a stone birdbath. Mark shows Kevin how he chooses matching stones for bases and the baths that sit on top before moving on to the heavy lifting.

Kevin and Mark get started by dry-fitting the stone together and shaving the high spots off for a level fit. Next, they start chipping away at the sink with chisels and hammers before Mark breaks out the power tools to speed the process. Finally, the two chip away at the bulk of the material before assembling the pieces with epoxy-mounted pins.

Finally, general contractor Tom Silva returns to an old project to fix a new issue. The homeowners have a new four-legged friend, and he’s been chewing on the trim around the newel post. Since the trim is custom, Tom has a challenge to conquer.

Tom gets to work by creating custom moldings with a router and table saw. Then, he helps the homeowner match the new trim to the old woodwork with a gel stain. Once they achieve the right stain, Tom cuts, glues, and nails the moldings in place for a near-seamless look.

How to Mount a Flat Screen TV

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert walks host Kevin O’Connor through everything he needs to know about mounting a TV.

Where to find it?

Nathan and Kevin discuss the basic types of television mounts (Fixed, Tilting, and Full Motion)and demonstrate how to install one. Nathan explains these are general features of these mounts, and varying models and colors are also available. After determining the mount type that works best, the next step is to check your television’s specifications to ensure they’re compatible.

How to Build a Stone Bird Bath

Mason Mark McCullough shows host Kevin O’Connor how to turn two pieces of stone into a beautiful rustic birdbath.

Where to find it?

Mark and Kevin work together to turn two large stones into a birdbath. Mark explains the base stone should be about 18-20 inches high and that the top stone is usually round, with a circumference of about 12-16 inches.

How to Repair a Dog-Chewed Newel Post

General contractor Tom Silva explains how to bring a gnawed newel post back to its original splendor.

Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2022, Season 20; Ep. 27 23:42