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S20 E2: Durable Landscape, Cutting Board

Richard explains the options for water heaters; Jenn creates a landscape that can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic; Tom and Kevin build a cutting board out of walnut, cherry, and maple.

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In this episode:

Richard Tretheway teaches Kevin O’Connor all about water heaters. Since 90% of water heater purchases are emergencies, Richard thought a bit of homework on the topic would help avoid purchasing what’s available over the best water heater for the scenario. It’s not just discussion, either; Richard shows Kevin the gruesome interior of the shop’s water heater, comparing it to the other models available. The two continue to discuss the four major types of water heaters available on the market, as well as how they work and the scenarios for which they’re best suited. They discuss the pros and cons and a newer style of water heater growing in popularity in the US.

Then, Jenn Nawada helps a homeowner deal with a well-trafficked corner of her property. Neighborhood students are trampling the grass while heading to the local bus stop, and dogs have come to frequent the yard for their potty breaks. Jenn knows just what to do to transform the space into a hardy walkway for all to enjoy. After removing the grass, Jenn shows the homeowner a variety of hard-wearing perennials. The two decide on a combination of butterfly bushes, thyme, hydrangeas, Shasta daisies, boxwoods, and hens and chicks to landscape the yard. They also work together to lay some hardscape stepping stones and boulders. Finally, Jenn shows the homeowner how to plant the new plants and spreads mulch as a finishing touch.

Later, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor work together on a shop project with a 3D illusion. With walnut, cherry, and maple hardwood in hand, the two create a unique end-grain cutting board that is less likely to scratch than other cutting board styles. Tom shows Kevin how to mill each board into a rhombus shape before gluing all three species into one octagonal board.

Once dry, the two cut the glued boards into smaller pieces before arranging and gluing them into the 3D pattern. Tom then mills the board perfectly flat with a router. Finally, Tom finishes the cutting board with a coat of food-safe oil specifically made for the job, containing beeswax, coconut oil, and mineral spirits. Each step is covered in detail, allowing you to follow along and create your one-of-a-kind cutting board.

All About Water Heaters

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey walks through all the various options available to homeowners for purchasing or renting a water heater.

Where to find it?

Richard explains the different types of water heaters you can install in your home: a gas storage tank water heater, electric storage-tank water heater, hybrid tank water heater, tankless water heater, and indirect water heater. Water heaters can be purchased at home centers or sourced through a local HVAC technician or sales representative.

Viessman Manufacturing manufactured the hybrid water heater.

How to Design a High Traffic Landscape

Landscape contractor Jenn Nawada works with a homeowner who lives on a corner lot to create an attractive, durable landscape that can withstand heavy pedestrian traffic.

Where to find it?

Jenn selected plants and materials that could withstand a high level of foot traffic from pedestrians and dogs, as well as snow plows in the winter.

She chose New England fieldstone steppers for the walking path, found at most stone yards and landscape supply stores in the Northeast. The plants she selected included panicle hydrangea, thyme, Shasta daisies, butterfly bush, geranium Rozanne, boxwoods, and hens and chicks—found at home centers and nurseries.

Forever Green Landscaping, Inc provided expert assistance with this segment.

Build It | 3D Cube Cutting Board

General contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a cutting board out of walnut, cherry, and maple to create a 3D cube design effect.

Where to find it?

Tom built the cutting board out of pieces of maple, cherry, and mahogany. He chose them because he already had the leftover pieces in his garage and because their variety of shades lend themselves nicely to the 3D cube effect.

To cut the angles of the boards, Tom used a combination of a Kapex KS120 sliding compound miter saw, which Festool manufactures, and an Industrial Table Saw from SawStop.

Tom and Kevin secured everything together using some wood glue from Gorilla Glue.

All the other materials required for the project, including sandpaper and mineral oil, can be found at home centers and woodworking supply stores.

Original Air Date: Oct 7, 2021, Season 20; Ep. 2 23:42

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