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Invite Toads for Natural Pest Control

How to give these insect-eating hoppers a habitat in your garden

<p>Put a cracked or chipped terra-cotta pot to use</p>

Put a cracked or chipped terra-cotta pot to use

Photo by Kolin Smith

While they're not the most graceful of garden creatures, toads feast on flying insects and plant-destroying cutworms. Give these hoppers a habitat near your beds by making a shelter from a cracked or chipped terra-cotta pot. Here's how to do it:

STEP 1: Simply turn the pot on its side.

STEP 2: Look for a shady, cool spot, preferably near a light source, where bugs congregate.

STEP 3: Partially bury the pot as shown. Toads dig a moist environment, so don't worry if water pools around or inside the pot.

STEP 4: Avoid using chemical fertilizers or herbicides nearby, which can harm the little guys. Check out Organic Lawn Care for alternatives to chemical products.